Chase Zelle Service Agreement

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Chase Zelle Service Agreement: A Comprehensive Guide

The Chase Zelle Service Agreement is a legal document that outlines the terms and conditions of using Chase`s peer-to-peer payment service, Zelle. Zelle is a fast and easy way to send and receive money with the people you trust, and it`s available to customers of participating banks, including Chase.

As a professional, it`s important to note that the Chase Zelle Service Agreement is a document that is often searched for online. Therefore, it`s important to provide accurate and detailed information about what the agreement entails.

Terms of Use

The Chase Zelle Service Agreement outlines the terms of use for the Zelle service. It specifies that the service is intended for personal, non-commercial use only. Additionally, it notes that you must be at least 18 years old to use the service.

The agreement also states that by using the Zelle service, you agree to certain security measures, such as not sharing your account credentials with anyone else. You are responsible for any transactions made using your account, and it`s important to take appropriate measures to protect your account information.

Transaction Limits

The Chase Zelle Service Agreement also outlines transaction limits. For Chase customers, the daily limit for Zelle transactions is $2,000. However, this limit may vary depending on the participating bank`s policies. Additionally, the agreement notes that there is no charge for using Zelle, but fees may apply for certain types of transactions, such as international transfers.

Privacy and Security

The Chase Zelle Service Agreement also covers privacy and security measures. It notes that Chase will use your personal information to provide the Zelle service, but will not share your information with third parties for marketing purposes. Additionally, Chase uses various security measures to protect your account information and transactions, such as encryption and fraud monitoring.

Dispute Resolution

Finally, the Chase Zelle Service Agreement outlines the dispute resolution process. If there is a dispute, you can contact Chase customer service to try and resolve the issue. If that doesn`t work, the agreement notes that you can file a claim with the American Arbitration Association.

In conclusion, the Chase Zelle Service Agreement is an important document for anyone who uses the Zelle service. By understanding the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement, you can make sure you`re using the service in a safe and responsible manner.

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