Department of Immigration Enterprise Agreement 2017

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The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is a crucial agency in the Australian government responsible for managing the country`s immigration and border control policies. The department employs a large workforce, comprised of both permanent employees and contract workers, who work tirelessly to ensure that Australia`s borders remain secure and that immigration policies are implemented effectively.

To ensure that all employees in the department are treated fairly and compensated appropriately, the DIBP has put in place an Enterprise Agreement (EA) that outlines the terms and conditions of employment for all workers. The latest version of this agreement, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Enterprise Agreement 2017, was introduced to Australian employees in 2017.

The primary aim of the 2017 EA is to ensure that all DIBP employees are paid correctly and compensated fairly for their work. This includes the provision of salary increases, performance-based bonuses, and a range of other benefits based on employee classification and level of seniority.

The EA also makes provisions for employee wellbeing, including the provision of flexible working arrangements, such as part-time and job-sharing arrangements, as well as leave entitlements and allowances.

In addition to these provisions, the 2017 EA incorporates a number of measures aimed at improving overall productivity and reducing costs for the department. This includes the utilization of part-time and casual employees, as well as measures designed to encourage employees to embrace new technologies and work in more innovative and efficient ways.

The implementation of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection Enterprise Agreement 2017 represents a significant step forward for the department and its employees. By providing a clear and fair set of employment conditions, the EA ensures that the department can continue to attract and retain highly skilled workers who are committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for Australia`s immigration and border control policies.

Overall, the EA is an important document that provides essential guidance and support to all DIBP employees, ensuring that they are well-compensated, supported, and valued as key contributors to one of the most important agencies in the Australian government.

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